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Note: It is required that you have an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever along with your relevant travel document (contact us for more information on this).

Traveling Tips:

Traveling is nice when you are prepared to travel. Walk along with snacks and water. Some travelers on these trips may walk with food. Remember the trip can take as much as 12 hours driving from Georgetown to Lethem, so prepare accordingly.

A few “bush style” rest room stops will be made along with stops that will provide you with the opportunity to buy food. Wear light cool clothing.

Walking along with a GPS, a map and your camera will be nice. Make sure you have quick access to your swim clothes as opportunities to take a dunk in the creeks and rivers are plentiful.

Money Tips:

The cost for the tour to Brazil covers traveling from Georgetown, Guyana to Boa Vista, Brazil and back. Breakfast will be provided by the hotel and you will need to cover the cost for lunch and dinner. The following is a brief budget of a typical Wednesday to Sunday trip to Brazil.


US$48. – GY$9,600.


This depends on what and where you may want to shop. You should budget the same amount as if you were to shop in your home country. Prices are similar but in Boa Vista but you can expect higher quality products. Ask for discount “desconto” and you will get it almost every time.


The budget may be identical to what you would spend if you were to party in Guyana. It is advised that you change your money in Lethem as it is very hard to find a place to do so in Boa Vista (even if you do, you will not get the good exchange rate as you would in Lethem).

Basic Portuguese:

For free online translator, see

hello – oi
hi – olá
good morning – bom dia
good day – bom dia
good night – boa noite
good evening – boa noite
thank you – obrigado
no thank you –  não o agradeça
you are welcome – é bem-vindo
discount – desconto
how are you – como são você
I am fine – Sou bom
I am hungry – Tenho fome
I am having a nice time –  Tenho um tempo amável


  • Click here for a map outlining the route to Brazil from Guyana. The trip takes the routes from Georgetown to Linden, from Linden to Kurupukari, then to Annai, Good Hope, Lethem, Bonfim (Brazil) to Boa Vista.
  • Click here for map of Boa Vista.


Trust me, you will need these because you will be traveling in a group and for long hours: Click here!

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